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Thursday 19 April 2018, 16:19 Uhr

Apple Macintosh Computer - MAC-Treff KAUG Ramstein Kaiserslautern

Zusammenfassung: Dachseite der Freunde von Apple Macintosh Computer und deren Mactreff s & Mactreffen wie auch von Mac Usergroup s & Apple-Anwendertreffen. Ihr findet hier Mac-Stammtisch & Mac User Group Treffen (MUG) der MacIG s und anderer Mac Organisationen im deutschsprachigen Raum. Insbesondere auch in der Region Kaiserslautern und Ramstein.

Apple Macintosh Computer - KAUG Kaiserslautern Ramstein KAUG - Warum in Englisch?
KAUG steht für Kaiserslautern Apple User Group und hier treffen sich hauptsächlich englischsprachige MacUser die beim US Militär oder der Nato in der Umgebung Kaiserslautern/Ramstein beschäftigt sind. Zu den Mactreffen darf aber gerne jeder (also auch nicht Militärangehörige) kommen - der mag.

KAUG - wat is that?
Established originally as an Apple // users group, we support Apple Computer users in the Kaiserslautern area. The group has grown from its original Apple // roots to the Macintosh (becoming KMUG) and has now come full circle to include all Apple products from the Mac to the iPod, iPhone, and AppleTV. We support Kaiserslautern's English speaking community including US and NATO military members. Currently, membership is free and open to anyone who cares to attend.

We are not an official club at this time. We accept no membership fees. All members are volunteers.

What s going on on our meetings
Meetings are focused around current Mac news and trends. Our users have a wide variety of interest and areas of expertise. You can get help with everything from Photoshop, MS Office, Keynote, Web Development (Rapid Weaver/ Dreamweaver), video, and Podcasting. We also conduct occasional workshops and upgrade your Mac sessions.

When and where?
We looking for a new meeting point for a permanent basis. Currently, we meet here:


third Thursday of the month from 1800-2000 at the Ramstein Autohof (A6, Ramstein/Miesenbach Landstuhl Ost exit).


David Stempnakowski


(Please KAUG Kaiserslautern choose)

For more info, visit our homepage

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